Thai personality Sitang Buathong visits the Philippines

The popular Thai social media personality is finally on her way to the Philippines! As of writing, Sitagsus Bao more commonly known as Sitang Buathong informed her Facebook followers that she is already on her way in the country.

Her Filipino fans and followers have been commenting on her photo and Facebook live. All of them are excited to see and know that the transgender heroine is finally coming. It was only a month ago when she expressed her interest in visiting the country. Now, it’s finally happening!

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The 55-year-old woman is one of the most respectable people in Thailand. She is a lawyer by profession and has gained many product endorsements over the years. She was also recently popular to the Filipino audience after her generous donation to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Since then, Filipinos have been very fond of her.

It was just a month ago when a Facebook page, Eskina Cebu revealed that she will also help the victims of supertyphoon Ompong. According to the post, it is the reason for her visit. They also revealed that she will be featured in an episode of “Rated K.”

Netizens have been welcoming her on Facebook before she even rode the plane. Some expressed that they would want to see her on national TV. While others wished to see her in person.

Sitang has truly become an icon to define what true beauty is. This is after the many criticisms she used to receive from people on social media. Despite all the judgments about her, she has never stopped helping and caring for other people.

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Sitang Buathong’s visit has been really making a buzz on social media. It’s safe to say that her entire stay would create an even more buzz. But for now, we say, Welcome Sitang Buathong!

Read the netizens’ reactions:

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see you..Philipphines15.00 today

Posted by สิตางศุ์ บัวทอง on Thursday, October 18, 2018

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