Maris Racal Breaks Her Silence Regarding Loisa’s Statement Saying She Misses Her As A Friend

We all agree that friendships are important. People say that no man is an island because it is true that a person cannot live happily if he or she is alone. Friendships are there to make a person feel there is someone who will have her back no matter what happens.

The showbiz industry will give a person endless possibility. The entertainment world will let you have endless project, endless career and endless good people to meet. You will be able to find a strong friendship that would help you get through the toughest part of your journey.

Former PBB housemates, Maris Racal and Loisa Andalio were known to be close friends. When they joined the reality show, the two admitted that they grew very close to each other. It is evident because they acknowledge each other as their best friend. There was not a single interview or guesting that they are separate.

However, the tides of their friendship started to stain when the two, on a separate interview, admitted that their friendship no longer like what it used to be. Initially, Maris admitted that she had a misunderstanding with Loisa and their difference with their working schedule hinder them from seeing each other. She also acknowledged Sue Ramirez as her new best friend.

Meanwhile Loisa also admitted that their friendship is currently hitting the rocks. Loisa admitted this in an interview with Boy Abunda. She also shared their initial plan. “Nag-start kami sa PBB and sabay kami nangarap. Sabi namin ‘nung nasa bahay kami: ‘Sana paglabas natin ganito no? Sabay tayong ganyan. Sana magkasama tayo sa teleserye,”

When asked if she misses Maris, Loisa immediately said yes and cried after.

Maris then broke her silence regarding Loisa’s statement. She admitted that she did not watch the video and she said that if Loisa really misses her, Loisa would reach out to her in a mature way.

“Actually to be honest, hindi ko talaga pinanood ‘yung video,”

“Kung nami-miss niya (ako), meron namang cell phone. Alam naman niya ‘yung number ko, pwede naman mag-text,”

“Idaan na lang po natin sa personal na touch and sa mature na way of saying things,” she added.

Maris also said that Loisa can still count on her whenever Loisa would experience trouble.

“As in malapit lang naman kami nakatira and she knows I’m always here for her if she needs me. Nagte-text naman ako if may nangyari sa kanya. So idaan na lang sana sa mas mature na way and kilala namin ang isa’t-isa and alam namin kung ano ‘yung totoo,”

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