Lolit Solis Calls Out ABS-CBN Unit Head

The showbiz industry is not just a busy world for actors, actresses and their managers. Showbiz is also involved with complicated processes, unusual rules and policies and most of all, it is built in a framework where the backbone is still business. As much as the art of acting and performing plays a great role in this kind of industry, it is still unlikely for showbiz personalities to disregard the business aspect of it.

The showbiz industry is also made up of different contracts. Exclusivity contract, network contract, singing contract, time-limited contract, name them and you may see one for each TV networks. Contracts are made to make sure that the job of a celebrity is boarded by some barriers to maximize the ability of these personalities to appear in different shows.

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Showbiz expert and talent manager Lolit Solis recently called out the Unit Head of the ABS-CBN Kapamilya network. Lolit, fondly being called Manay Lolit by her “alagas”, wanted the Kapamilya management to look into the cases of some actresses who are given exclusivity contract but then only have tapings at least thrice a month.

“Gusto ko manawagan sa mga Unit Head ng Chanel 2 Salve. Kasi napapansin ko iyon mga alaga ko ang taping halos once a week lang, kung minsan nga marami na iyon 3 times a month. Kaloka ha, nakatali ka sa series ganun lang ang trabaho mo, ‘di ba para naman unfair, lalo pag isa lang ang ginagawa mo.”

Manay Lolit said that she first noticed of that in the schedule of one of her talents, Amy Austria.

“Napansin ko kasi na si Amy Austria sa Halik, meron month na halos isang beses lang siya nag-taping. Gusto ko itanong kay Ruel Bayani kung cost cutting ba iyon, o hindi importante ang role ni Amy kaya paminsan-minsan lang ang taping niya?”

She also mentioned a suggestion for the cases like Amy’s.

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“Sana kung ganun, fix na araw na lang ang hingin ng production o pag Monday o anuman araw ka lang kailangan ha, the rest of the week, puwede kang kumuha ng ibang trabaho.”

She also mentioned Malou Santos, ABS-CBN Head.

“Please paging, Deo Endrinal, Ruel Bayani and other unit manager, paki clear nga po ito problem na ito. Mama Malou Santos, ano ba ito, cost cutting o snobbing? Hah hah joke pero medyo alarming dahil feeling lugi ka na tali ka sa teleserye pero once a month lang trabaho mo. Please. @rekdibayani #instatalk#lolitkulit #71naako”

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