FACEBOOK LIVE: Two women help their fellow OFW in Kuwait

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is far from being desirable nor exciting. They suffer the longingness from the own respective family and homesickness to their homeland. The only promise of—at least—a good paycheck is what makes them continue.

However, what makes it worse for them is that the “alarming fact” that some of them experience maltreatment from their employers. Just take a look at this viral video on Facebook.

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With the help of Facebook Live, two women showed how they offered help to their fellow OFW in Kuwait. Apparently, according to them, their friend’s employer detained her in the house for almost two days. They also revealed that their friend hasn’t been eating and her employer wasn’t giving her salary.

As heard on the live footage, one of them said:

“Nagri-rescue po kami ngayon ng kaibigan namin. Ilibot mo iyong camara ng cellphone ate para Makita nila kung nasaan tayo.

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Using a rope, her two concerned friends handed her a cellphone, a portable wi-fi, and some foods from the rooftop of the building.

Meanwhile, many Filipino netizens who saw the Facebook live vehemently expressed their sentiments towards the “alarming video.” Most of them said that they should report it immediately to the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait.

As of this moment, the two OFW already reported the said maltreated and asked help to the Philippine Embassy.

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Here are some of the netizens’ comments:

Watch the Facebook Live below:

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tinulungan poh namin bestfriend namin na magbigyan ng cp,wifi at pagkain…..2days na cxang kinulong at wlang sahod…..Tatozacaria Palti..i mis u…andito lang kami para sayo.. kmi ni Jass Zedlav….kuwait poh kmi#part3

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Source: Facebook | KAMI PH
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