Bride receives special song number from her favorite Disney Princess

Growing up watching new and classic Disney movies has made generations of girls wish for a Disney princess themed-wedding. Some women also spend their adult lives looking for their prince charming the same way their favorite princess found theirs.

Of course, most of these women have a change of heart and become more realistic than others. But still, they wonder what it would be like to live in the shoes of a Disney princess. A bride from New Jersey received a one-of-a-kind surprise planned by her father. This lucky bride has a surprise song number from her all-time favorite princess, Ariel from “Little Mermaid.”

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Jodi Benson, the voice behind Ariel, graced the bride and groom’s wedding with her presence. This is all thanks to the bride’s father, Bob Green who thought of the surprise.

Before Jodi’s surprise entrance, Bob made a speech for her daughter talking about their love for Disney. This is while he was wearing Mickey Mouse gloves. Then, before his speech ended, he asked her daughter what her favorite Disney movie is and she said:

“Little Mermaid.”

This was when Bob left to get Jodi. Upon her entrance, the groom looked completely clueless to who the person was. For Krysten, the bride, she instantly knew and was caught by surprise. Bob introduced their special guest to their other guest and informed them who Jodi was.

Afterwhich, Jodi greeted the bride and groom and performed Ariel’s classic song “Part of Your World” from “Little Mermaid.” Prior to her performance, Jodi revealed that it was her first time to perform at a wedding for someone who is not related to her.

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Because of this, Krysten has become a woman who 6-year-old girls would be jealous of. And it’s again all thanks to his father who showed how much she cares and loves his daughter.

Watch the video:

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The Little Mermaid Appears On Land at a Jersey Shore Wedding

It's a special wedding when Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel, is a surprise guest at the reception. CONGRATS Chris Rowe & Krysten Green!Bel Momento WeddingsGandee PhotographyICONA AvalonCarlisle VideographyThe Uptown Band#disney #thelittlemermaid #weddingsinger 🧜♂

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