Did Miho Nishida undergo another plastic surgery?

Celebrities undergoing cosmetic surgeries could be quite controversial to the public. Many people believe that natural beauty is really superior. Due to this, several celebrities reported with plastic surgery history had been subjected to criticisms from the disappointed public. One of them was Miho Nishida, the Pinoy Big Brother 737 Big Winner.

In 2017, she became a hot topic on social media after rumors about her cosmetic surgery surfaced. She admitted the allegation in an interview eventually. According to her, she did it to improve herself. As a celebrity, she believed that being always presentable to the public was a must.

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“Gusto ko lagi akong maganda, lagi akong handa kung nasaan man ako. Gusto kong maipakita sa tao na, ‘Ay, maganda pala si Miho. Maganda siya. Kasi yun naman ang trabaho natin, lagi kailangan tayong maganda, maayos.”

Once again, Miho received a lot of heat from netizens due to her alleged nose job. This started after she shared a photo on her Instagram account recently. In the said snap, her followers pointed out the noticeable sharpness of her nose.

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Despite the hurtful words thrown at her back then, Miho gained confidence on herself after the surgery. Although some became open-minded and understood her decision, the majority did not take her revelation very well.

Here are some comments from the netizens. Many of them expressed their dismay about her alleged surgery.

What can you say? Do you think Miho really undergo another cosmetic surgery?

Watch the video below:

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SOURCES: Philippine Entertainment Portal | Instagram | YouTube
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