Jay Sonza, sinabing “branding” na ng ABS-CBN ang pagtakpan ang mga kaso ng at laban sa kanilang mga empleyado

Former ABS-CBN newscaster and talk show host, Jay Sonza has something to say against the network with regards to Gretchen Fullido’s case.

Recently, the world of ABS-CBN’s news and current affairs was shaken by a surprising revelation made by one of its staple TV news anchor and entertainment reporter, Gretchen Fullido.

Fullido has filed a complaint against her colleagues at the TV network for unwanted sensual advances, libel, and victim-shaming. According to the TV host, she received the unwanted advances from former ABS-CBN news executive Cheryl Favila and news segment producer Maricar Asprec, who were said to be in an “open relationship” and were looking for a “third party.”

In a statement made by Fullido’s party, the reporter alleged that she received text messages from Favila and Asprec filled with inappropriate innuendos which amounted to them asking her sensual favors.

“She further stated that when she rejected the advances, the two retaliated and made it difficult for her to work as a reporter and news anchor for TV Patrol. It was a cycle that was going on for almost three years,” the statement added.

Fullido also filed libel charges against news executives Cecilia Drilon and Venancio Borromeo, and reporter Marie Lozano for victim-shaming her and saying imputed statements that damages her reputation. The three allegedly said that Fullido was only creating this controversy “to leverage her employment status with ABS-CBN.”

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Fullido’s case against the network’s employees are still ongoing.

Many have showed their support to Fullido in her brave attempt to speak out her experiences from these people, while some condemned the other people involved and the network itself for their negligence and passiveness.

One of those who spoke against ABS-CBN is former newscaster and talk show host, Jay Sonza. One might be familiar with him as Mel Tiangco’s former partner in the talk show “Mel and Jay.”

In his Facebook post, Sonza stated that people should expect ABS-CBN to launch a “massive vilification campaign” against Fullido.

“That has always been their brand when an employee seeks legal, labor, or judicial redress,” Sonza added.

Being a former part of the network, he implied that he had witnessed similar cases in the past.

“They did that to Ms. Ruth Abao. They did that to Mel Tiangco. They did that to Tiya Dely. They did that to dozens of their employees,” he enumerated in his post.

According to Sonza, it has always been the branding of the network, that whenever cases like this happened, they were quick to distort the truth and ruin the reputation of the complainant thru their paid showbiz writers, in-house PR machinery and their hired law firms.


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