Amazed netizen spots John Lloyd Cruz riding a UP Ikot jeepney!

There are some people who are suckers for big personalities in the local entertainment industry. Most often or not, they would take photos or ask for selfies whenever a famous artist passes by in public. A Twitter post made rounds online after it shared a photo of John Lloyd Cruz riding a public vehicle last October 8.

According to the netizen’s tweet, she coincidentally rode with actor John Lloyd Cruz in a jeepney going  that was using a UP Diliman route. The shocked netizen wrote in the post,

“Yung nakasabay mo si John Lloyd Cruz sa Ikot. Huhu ang pogi pa rin,”

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In the photo, the baby-faced actor developed more mature features this time. He already grew his beard, donned board shorts, and looked very happy. We can guess that the family man life suits the veteran celebrity well.

The lucky netizen also answered some questions from other Twitter users regarding her once-in-a-blue-moon experience. She added:

“Shookt ako nung nakita ko siya tas nasa harapan ko pa.”

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Her tweet spread like wildfire on the Internet in an instant. Most netizens were surprised to see the actor live like an ordinary person once again. Although, it is not the first time we saw the actor in public places after he stepped down the limelight.

He is definitely one of the best actors in his generation. However, John Lloyd turned his back from the bustling showbiz life last October 2017 and started living quietly. The 36-year-old hunk became a hot talk in town after news broke out about his relationship with Ellen Adarna.

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Reports also confirmed that the sexy actress gave birth to their first child on June 27, 2018. They named their baby boy as Elias Modesto. Before he finally disappeared in showbiz, he starred in the hit romantic-comedy film “Finally Found Someone” with Sarah Geronimo.


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