WATCH: OMB raid in Ever Gotesco Commonwealth goes out of hand

Optical Media Board (OBM) is a government office that handles the battle of piracy in the country. According to their official website, they are fighting piracy through collaboration, education, innovation, and enforcement. They are also in support of Proclamation No. 596 which states October as the “National Anti-Piracy Month.

On October 9, OMB officials went to Ever Gotesco, Commonwealth to raid the place. The people from Ever were furious which started a riot inside the mall. Some OMB officials were also seen holding their guns during the encounter.

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Facebook page named Matalinong Matsing uploaded the video on social media. According to their post, the OMB officers did not have the necessary warrant for the raid. Furthermore, the officers allegedly took some of the products hastily even without a warrant.

This caused many, if not all, of the sellers to be furious. In the videos, many of them screamed at the OMB officers. There was one officer who held his gun out for everyone to see. The man taking the video was even provoking him to pull the trigger. Luckily, a security guard came and stopped the man who had a gun.

Based on Warrant & Disposition Tool Kit, there are eight types of warrants. There’s warrant for apprehension, search warrant, alias warrant, bench warrantamong others. A warrant that the people from Ever were looking for was a search warrant. This will allow the officers to lawfully search a specific premise for evidence for a specific evil act. This, however, requires a signature of a judge.

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Based on other instances, there have already been times that the OMB had a search warrant. But there were also times that they didn’t. They usually raid the streets and succeed. This time, however, instead of the streets, they raided a mall and failed.

Read the netizens’ reactions:

Watch the video below:

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Posted by Matalinong Matsing on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

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