Campaign in India Celebrates Teachers Outside the Classroom

Rock N Roll Riders, one of India’s leading motorcycle tour operators, has launched a campaign in collaboration with Milestone Dentsu, to celebrate the community of mechanics.

“While this group never stepped into a formal school, they learned the science behind their skills, behind managing life, people and struggles from their ‘Ustaads’ (mentors) who have played the most important role in their journey,” the brand said of the creative drive behind the campaign.

In short, teachers are not only found in classrooms but also in life-changing stories.

The #HappyLifeTeachersDay campaign was centered around Teacher’s Day in India earlier this week.

“While every Teacher’s Day, we see lots of people thanking their teachers, we never see anyone thank these ‘Life Teachers’. Our initiative does just that. Not because we think there is a miss. But because we think it’s overdue,” said D Jay, Founder and Lead Ride Captain of RNR.

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