Stop Your Boobs from ‘Playing their Own Game’ says New Bra Ad from Berlei

Australian undergarment brand, Berlei, has never held back when it comes to ad work that grabs people’s attention, such as “Be Kind to Your Boobs,” or a spot featuring tennis legend Serena Williams dancing around in her bra.

In support of their Spring Summer 18′ Sport collection, the brand is back with a fun and some will surely say ‘provocative” campaign that shows boobs, well, actually one boob, demonstrating the impact that different sports have on women’s breasts when they are not wearing a sports bra.

While the ad, which was created by The Monkeys, Sydney, looks playful it does address a more serious issue. According to the release, Berlei quoted data showing that “43% of women are unaware that not wearing a supportive sports bra while exercising can contribute to breast tissue damage that can cause breast sagging later in life.”

Is that what people will remember about this ad? Likely not.

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According to Berlei, “The campaign, ‘Stop Your Boobs Playing Their Own Game’, speaks to women of all ages,” adding that it “shares a simple but effective message aimed at educating women on the importance of good bra support.”

Berlei marketing manager Andrea Michelle, said, “From our extensive research and expertise, there was a simple truth that we knew better than anyone: not only do boobs move a lot during exercise, they also move differently in every different sport women play. Without the right bra women’s breasts are getting knocked around almost as much as the balls they’re playing with.”


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